Valentine's Day in Edinburgh: A Romantic Guide for Lovers
Valentine’s Day in Edinburgh: a guide to an unforgettable romantic celebration

Valentine’s Day in Edinburgh: a guide to an unforgettable romantic celebration

Discover the Magic of Valentine's Day in Edinburgh: Romance and Culture at Every Turn.

Experience an unforgettable Valentine's Day in Edinburgh, from romantic walks in the Old Town to candlelit dinners in the New Town.

Valentine’s Day is marked every February 14, an originally Catholic festivity that commemorates the good deeds performed by this saint in 3rd-century Rome, thus replacing pagan Lupercalia. Even though many of the legends and traditions surrounding Saint Valentine, as well as his relation with romantic love, were created much later, it’s still a thoroughly charming date for couples wishing to indulge in a romantic getaway.
Valentine’s Day in Edinburgh is ideal to celebrate this date!

Why Edinburgh for Valentine’s?

To celebrate Valentine’s Day in Edinburgh is one of the most romantic ideas you can surprise your partner with for a variety of reasons: the Old Town’s ancient and mysterious vibe, the picture-perfect wintry light in the city, the abounding restaurants and charming pubs in the centre and the ideal cultural activities for couples, among many other things. Few romantic plans in Edinburgh beat a wintry walk through the Royal Mile, Grassmarket Square or the Water of Leith, finishing with a pint in a warm, cosy pub and a candlelit dinner in a New Town restaurant.

Romantic accommodation in Edinburgh

Edinburgh features plenty of ideal romantic lodges for a Valentine’s getaway. Some of the best ones include the following:

The Witchery by the Castle -> Book now

If money is not a problem, this gothic and luxurious hotel placed in the Royal Mile, right beside the castle, is your best chance. There are only nine suites, so book in advance!

The Balmoral Hotel -> Book Here

An all-time classic of romantic lodging in Edinburgh, you can’t go wrong with this!

Prestonfield House -> See more

Placed beside Arthur’s Seat, this 1600s hotel has the most amazingly romantic and dazzling atmosphere in this selection. Peacocks, dreamy views, and candlelit dinners, what else could you wish for?

Foodie experiences for lovers

Although you can enjoy the best romantic supper in Edinburgh in any of the previously mentioned lodges and their corresponding restaurants, here are a few alternative options to surprise your partner for Valentine’s with a brilliant foodie experience:

  • The Kitchin: this excellent, Michelin-star restaurant only uses exclusive local products and features several menu choices depending on your budget. It is considered as one of the five best restaurants across the United Kingdom!

  • Fishers in the City: this is one of the most famous seafood restaurants in Edinburgh, and for good reason. You can pick between their venues in the New Town, Leith or even The Shore, their avantgarde cuisine eatery. It’s a safe choice!

  • Origano Café & Pizzeria: should you prefer a less costly experience with a humble and intimate charm, there’s no going wrong with this pizzeria in Leith. Candlelit pizza and wine, the best romantic supper!

Romantic walks through Edinburgh

One of the best romantic plans to do in Edinburgh for Valentine’s is to stroll some of its historic streets and avenues, or also its parks and green areas.

If you are a history and architecture buff, nothing beats a lengthy walk through the best of the Old Town, Medieval Edinburgh’s beating heart: take your partner on a trip across its streets, discover its closes, take a break in its cute cafés, buy some gifts in its shops, or visit the castle. Watching the sun set upon the old town from the window of a quaint, traditional pub is an ideal way to wrap up your day.

The same applies to the elegant New Town, where you can stroll Princes St. and its jaw-dropping gardens, or walk down to adorable Dean Village, a village frozen in time in the midst of the city, from which you can enter the lovely waterway of Water of Leith. A dusk at the monumental Calton Hill is the perfect finishing touch to your Valentine’s Day in Edinburgh!

If it’s your first time in the city, there’s nothing better than joining a free tour to explore both areas and master all of their secrets.

Cultural activities for couples

As for couple experiences in Edinburgh, one of the best cultural choices is to visit some museums or art galleries. Most of them have free admission, and there’s plenty of them catering for all tastes. Don’t leave them as a last-ditch option for a rainy day, you will love perusing them!

You mustn’t miss a visit to the National Museum of Scotland, which deserves a whole day on its own just to wander its premises, packed with natural and historical trivia. If your partner is an art buff, you have got to take them to emblematic landmarks such as the National Gallery or the Portrait Museum.

Finally, it is paramount to book your tickets to some of the Candlelights Concerts taking place at St. Giles’ or St. Mary’s cathedrals. I can’t think of anything more romantic to celebrate Valentine’s Day in Edinburgh! On February 14, two of these concerts will be held: Moonlight Sonata, featuring classical music at St. Giles’, and a Tribute to Queen for rockers at St. Mary’s. **

Romantic getaways near Edinburgh

If you have a couple of extra days, you may wish to complete your Edinburgh Valentine’s with a memorable getaway around its surroundings. We suggest you choose a nearby place in order to fully enjoy your experience without transport being a problem.

You can pick destinations as incredible as Stirling, teeming with history and charm throughout its beautiful castle and old town. Or Glasgow, featuring refined museum and elegant architecture. Dunfermline, with its mind-blowing abbey and church, and the romantic Pittencrieff Park. Or also South Queensferry, a lovely seafaring town with a view on the Forth Bridge.

You can reach any of these places on your own, by train or, should you pick Stirling or Glasgow, also with our walking tours!

Tips to prepare your perfect Valentine’s in Edinburgh

My first tip to plan a proper Valentine’s in Edinburgh is to book your flight, accommodation, restaurants, tours, and activities as early as possible. Even though February is off-season, this city, with its lovely wintry atmosphere, is perfect for a romantic trip and you will find a laidback feeling, but it is not off the beaten path. So, wait no longer, pick a beautiful lodging, a couple of nice restaurants, and some tours, walks and concerts, and give your partner the surprise of their lifetime with a magical Valentine’s in Edinburgh!

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