Easter 2024 Guide in Edinburgh: Events and tips
Guide to Easter 2024 in Edinburgh: Events and tips

Guide to Easter 2024 in Edinburgh: Events and tips

Experience Easter in Scotland: a unique blend of ancient traditions and dreamy landscapes.

From the thrill of Easter egg hunts among ancient castles to savoring the unique taste of roast lamb, Scotland turns Easter into an unforgettable cultural adventure.

Easter in Scotland:

Easter festivities in Scotland are fully packed with days off, getaways, egg hunts, bunnies galore and specific dishes for the occasion, such as lamb roast, simnel cake or hot cross buns.

Even though Easter is a Christian festivity celebrating the resurrection of Christ and the end of Lent, both the term itself (which may stem from the goddess of spring and fertility called Eostre) and its traditions in Scotland are teeming with ancestral Pagan elements, this being a very common synergy in Scottish culture.

Stay here to know what to do and where to stay in Scotland during Easter!

Recommended activities and events:

One of the most usual activities to do if you spend your Easter holidays in Scotland, besides visiting its capital, is going on trips from Edinburgh.

You may choose a one-day getaway or a longer trip to locations as popular as Loch Ness, the Highlands and Inverness (its capital), Urquhart Castle, Loch Lomond, historical Stirling, Glasgow and its wondrous cultural offer, or even the mysterious, picture-perfect Rosslyn Chapel.

Should you prefer to stay in Edinburgh, nothing beats a guided, free tour to discover places such as the Old Town, the Royal Mile and the castle, or traditions like local ghost stories and mysteries.

These Easter tours are a perfect choice to discover Scotland!

Useful tips for Easter visitors::

Weather and clothes

Although the weather in Edinburgh during Easter time is no longer as harsh as in the depth of winter, you should be prepared for Scotland’s unpredictable, swiftly changeable climate.

Your ideal Easter outfit in this country must always include a warm, waterproof raincoat and enough clothing options to dress by layers and, therefore, be ready if it gets colder, warmer or windier. You can expect temperatures ranging from 2ºC to 13ºC (mid 30s to mid 50s ºF) and some occasional rainfall!


The best hack to bear in mind regarding lodging in Edinburgh during Easter is to book as soon as possible, since the demand for these dates is sky-high and, in this way, you may find more affordable options closer to the city center.

Another fine choice, especially for groups, is to book an apartment, of which the capital boasts an outstanding selection. It’s the perfect way to save a little by using the kitchen to cook!

If you need some suggestions to find a place to stay in Edinburgh, here follows some excellent, reasonably priced options:


Traditional Scottish Easter dishes feature lamb roast, which is usually eaten on Easter Sunday and, of course, several sweets: simnel cake, a spiced fruit cake covered with marzipan (the original recipe includes eleven pieces of marzipan standing for all the Apostles, minus Judas), the widespread hot cross buns (raisin or currant-filled buns decorated with a cross), and chocolate eggs.

As regards where to eat during Easter, these are some wonderful options:

The Sheep Heid Inn – besides being a charming, quaint pub and restaurant on the hillside of Arthur’s Seat, a great traditional roast is served during Easter.

Miller & Carter – this restaurant, featuring locations both in Edinburgh and Glasgow, also serves typical Easter dishes during these festivities.


You won’t find any hurdles to make your way through the center of Scotland’s capital city, given that both the Old and the New Town are highly walkable.

Should you wish to visit any landmarks in other areas of the city or its outskirts, you will see that transport in Edinburgh is very well-organized, with buses and a tram that will take you to the main attractions.

You can purchase a Day Ticket at Lothian Buses (on-site or at the app) to save some money if you are going to have a particularly busy day.

If you want to visit nearby towns and cities, the train is your best choice, connecting you with destinations like Stirling, Glasgow, Aberdeen, or even Inverness.

Budget and saving

The best thing that you can do to streamline your Scottish Easter budget, besides choosing an apartment where you can cook as your lodging option, is to purchase an Explorer Pass card to save up when visiting Historic Scotland monuments such as Edinburgh, Stirling and Urquhart Castle, among many other landmarks.

You can also use commission-free and cash cards such as Revolut to pay for your purchases and expenses in town, thus avoiding currency exchanges or coping with the extra cost of paying with a different-currency card.

Although it may seem difficult to save up in Edinburgh due its high prices, these hacks will make it easier!

Health and Safety

It is always wise to hire travel insurance for a getaway of this kind but, at any rate, you must bear in mind that your medical assistance in Scotland is ensured as long as you are a European Health Insurance Card holder.

Unique Easter traditions in Edinburgh:

Edinburgh Easter features unique traditions that you shouldn’t miss out on, should you visit the city, such as the fun Easter Egg Rolling that is celebrated every year in Arthur’s Seat on Easter Sunday. Other family-friendly events regarding egg hunting include the Eggsplorer Trail taking place at Craigmillar Castle, and the Egg Trail at Newhailes House.

Concerts and festivals:

If you’re looking for kid-friendly activities with science content, you can’t miss the Eggstravaganza at Dynamic Earth, nor the Edinburgh Science Festival taking place in the city throughout Easter.

As for musical events, under no condition should you miss any of the concerts taking place in St. Giles’ Cathedral, like Brahms’ Requiem, which is to be played on Palm Sunday.

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